Tuesday, 1 June 2010


The Youth'10 event was awesome. :)

It was all thanks to you babes who turned up and supported us at our booth. Mucho gracias. xoxoxoxoxo

Carrie's a lil tired after the event, so we've decided to post some piccies to share for those who missed us those 2 days. 

~*~*~*Day 1 (29 May 2010)*~*~*~

Carrie (SugarPoppins) and Cynthia (Tanks for 5).

Only Carrie from SugarPoppins came cos the booth was too small to accommodate all 3 of us plus Cynthia.

Spotted here, Carrie wearing CFC0001p, our fave sweet pink floral clip.

CFC0001p (pink)
CFC0001c (cream), CFC0001gy (grey)

Day 2 (30 May 2010)

Carrie, "Yay! It's finally the last day! I so need a break :)" <--yups, she wasn't doing a peace sign, it was more to indicate the number of days she's been there. :p

Carrie's wearing the Taylor Swift inspired flower band PR0001y in yellow.

PR0001y - RM10

Look out for this signage the next time k?

We were a lil disappointed that the table was so so tiny. We didn't manage to put up most of our stuff. But nonetheless, we managed and all was well :)

Remember this white furry pretty (FF0001w) hairband? Well, it comes in a clip too.


We sold our last furry pretty white clip to Valerie.

Here's Val looking really chic wearing our FRC0001w.

*Sorry, this is the last one girls*

(we will try to restock if there's enough order for it. Email us to let us know k?)

And this is Navie giving her kawai best wearing our FF0002w headband.

She was deciding between the headband or the clip of the same design.

Here's Navie's friend modelling the hairclip for her.

From the picture, you can tell that she purchased the hairclip in the end. This sweet gal sent us this picture of her wearing our hairclip the very next day. Thanks babe!

This is also another last piece item.

Our furry sequined butterfly hairclip was sold to Nikko. This sweetie sent a really nice picture of her wearing the hairclip to us (also the very next day - seriously, we've got really great customers!). 

What's more...Nikko is a returning customer. She first bought a hairband from us during the M.O.S. bazaar last month. 

"I like your flowery headbands and clips. They're really unique and pretty.I bought a flowery headband from you at MOS the other time as well."

Looks like we'll be seeing more of Nikko :)

Thank you to you gals and guys (yups, we've got this great guy who came to buy a hairband for his gf to surprise her cos she couldn't attend the event....awwww super sweet!) for making this event such a memorable one for us. 

We hope to see you again...real soon! :)

Lookout for our bazaar updates ya!

Much love,

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