Sunday, 20 July 2008

Ooh la la sweetness...

Q: What's soft, sweet and girly?

A: These silky tubes...

Ooh, they are very very limited.
And you definitely can't find these in Malaysia.

Again, chances of wearing the same thing as the gal next down are minimized. :P

Embroidered silky tube in glam black [BL032B] - RM50

Straps are detachable.

Embroidered silky tube in pastel yellow [BL032Y] - RM50

Embroidered silky tube in jade green [BL032G] - RM50

Embroidered silky tube in candy pink [BL032P] - RM50

Embroidered silky tube in angelic white [BL032W] - RM50

[BL032B], [BL032P], [BL032G], [BL032Y], [BL032W]

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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

H & M goodies

Sorry gals, our camera went wonky last week. Hence, the delay (again!) :(

Anyhoo, the good news can now view them goodies...


Super comfy cotton V-neck in Chocolate [HM01 - choc] - RM75
(yes we know, we're keeping to H & M price of ₤10 for a top. Aren't we superb? ;)

We love the fact that it's sheer, yet stylishly decent and oh-so-comfy.

This piece is available in size 34 (fits a size XS - S).

Also available in white [HM01 - white] - RM75

This one comes in size 36 (fits a medium - large). The material is soft and relaxes after wearing, hence if you're a tad bit larger than a medium size, it's okay too.

We're quite lousy when it comes to photographing white tops. The photos really don't do justice to the details on the clothings. Refer to the chocolate top above for detailings.

Yet another sheer top...

But this one here has a mandarin collar feel to it. You can wear it lose or cinch it with a belt.

Sheer mandarin collar in charcoal [HM02 - char] - RM69

Size: 32 (fits a XS to S, and even a small 'M' we think).

Hails from the DIVIDED range by H & M.

Something collared..

This one is the piece de resistence...

If you ask me what is H & M's signature top, this would be it. It's familiar rolled-up sleeves with an under-button is classic.

Signature blouse in Khaki [HM03 - Khaki] - RM72

Comes in size 34 [fits size XS - S, and even a small M perhaps].

See what we meant by how cool the sleeves are. :)

2 strands punk necklace [NCHM-01] RM29.

This necklace will funk up any tops you're wearing. It gives out an added edge.

Collared princess sleeve blouse in white [HM04 - white] - RM72

Available in size 36 (fits a Medium to small Large we think).

Again, we're sorry we didn't manage to take more pix of this white top. Sigh, white just doesn't photograph well against our white mannequin.

The same necklace (as above), a whole new look and feel.

2 strands punk necklace [NCHM-01] RM29.

Remember though, if you want them better grab them fast as we really have very limited stocks.

Email: to enquire and reserve your stuff. Or submit the Order Form (at the end of this page) to place your order.

Ciao babes!

More to come..more to come..

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Away for too too long

We are truly *sorry sorry sorry* about our lack of presence online.

Truth is, we've been crazily busy with work - both SugarPoppins and non-SugarPoppins related.

We've just got back from yet another buying trip. And this time, we hope that we'll be able to post the stuff up before they're snapped up by our regulars who normally come to us to check out the stocks first.

We're hoping to post things up by this weekend..*fingers crossed*

And just to dangle that carrot a little farther, we're telling you this..

psst: we've got a couple of fantastic H & M tops for sale. Yups, we went crazy there. Carrie has always been a huge fan of H & M, and now she's ecstatic to know that she no longer needs to fly to London to get them..She could go Shanghai instead.

For those of you who don't know, H & M (Hennes & Mauritz) is a Swedish clothing company, known for its inexpensive and fashionable clothing offerings for women, men, teenagers and children. It was established in 1947.

Currently, H&M has more than 1,500 stores in 28 different countries and has more than 68,000 employees.

H & M's first store in East Asia was opened in Central Hong Kong in 2007. Kylie Minogue officiated the opening of this very first store, where she also exclusively launched her range of swimwear, 'H&M loves Kylie'.

It created so much hype that there was a long queue prior to the opening of its first store in Hong Kong.

And so Carrie thought, "I'd better grab a couple more before the gals kill me and shriek 'Carrie, why didn't you get some for me!!!' "

So yes, you'd better kiss us as we painstakingly lugged these H & M stuff back just for you (but don't expect a lot cos we didn't really get to carry a lot as we've maxed out our quota too).

They're all brand new items from the H & M store itself. Don't worry though, we're not charging you a bomb for it. Serious. :)

Be patient ya babes! ;)