Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Capelet - the perfect wrap

The capelet is a sophisticated look that has made a comeback in recent years. It's an elegant piece of outerwear that is appropriate for daytime and evening events. In short, it's a perfect wrap for any events.

The capelet not only allows your hands to be free, it adds a touch of instant glam to your existing outfit.

Let's take a look at what's hot on the runway..

Runway fashion

Tight on top @ Hussein Chalayan

Well wrapped in Junta Watanabe

Around the cape @ Moschino

Cosying up to Nina Ricci

Well balanced at Ralph Lauren

Feather dusted @ Behnaz Sharafpour

Victorian ornament @ Costume National

Topping it off @ J. Mendel

Realway fashion @ Sugarpoppins

*1 cape 3 styles*

#1 As a wrap around your shoulder

Beige/gold sequinned capelet [WR001] RM39

#2 As a wrap around your waist

#3 As a wrap around your waist - sideways

Also comes in Black [WR002] RM39

Dear Sugarpoppers, these capelets come in many colours - teal, dark brown, electric blue, maroonish purple, white, etc. Please let us know if you're interested for us to order your preferred colour for you.

The above capelets available in Medium and Large. The ones shown above are all in Medium.

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Satiny smooth

Get sexy with silky smooth fabric slinking down your skin.

Pamper yourself with satin goodness...ooOOooh!!

#1 Smouldering grey

Satin halter in Charcoal grey [BL019C] RM49

Lolly pink crystal beaded necklace [NC014] RM39   RM20
Front view

Black beaded loop necklace [NC005B] RM39   RM20

Back view

#2 In the bronze

Satin halter in bronzy gold [BL019G] RM49

Beaded Y-necklace [NC002] RM79 (comes with earrings as a set)  RM49

Front view

Back view

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Black is the New Black

This season, we embrace the return of black with huge, big ass hugs!

Ladies, black is now the new black! whoopee!.
Ever wonder why black is such a fantastic colour?

Ever wonder why black is so well-loved?

These are some of the reasons why we love love love black!

#1 Black is HOT!

Sheer V-neck sleeveless with sequinned waist band. [BL021] RM69.

The cut of this top is very well made, the material is sheer and soft.

Perfect for clubbing ;)

#2 Black is Demure!

Victorian style neckline top [BL022] RM39

We love the lacey layers on the neckline, very girly. The smocking details on the waist, gave us trim waistlines. :)

Black beads loop necklace [NC005B] RM39

#3 Black is Classy Elegance

Another little black dress [DR021] RM79

Comes with this cute white belt to help create contrast.

#4 Black is oh-so-Sweet

Little Bo Beep dress [DR022] RM55

#5 Black is eye-poppin!

Round neck mod dress [DR020] RM69

*note: belt is for not for sale.

The row of buttons added to the quirky appeal :p

Monday, 10 September 2007

Sugars and lollies

OMG these are so sweet, we think we're gonna puke if it gets any sweeter than this. :P
Oh sweeeeet!!!

Strawberry delight!!!

Top to bottom: Darker pink (BN003) - small,
Light pink (BN002) - small,
Clear pink (BN004) - small,
Red (BN009) - large. Red is also available in small (BN006).

RM9 each

Creme brulee

Left: Top - bottom
C-shaped Ivory bangle (BN011),
White (BN005) - small,
Opaque (BN007) - small.

Right: Round opaque bangle (BN001).

RM9 each.

Creme Brulee

C-shaped Ivory bangle (BN011), Round opaque bangle (BN001),
Opaque (BN007) - small, White (BN005) - small.

Blueberry cheesecake

Top to bottom:
Opaque (BN007) - small,
Baby blue (BN010) - large only.

RM9 each

Orange sorbet

Top to bottom:
White (BN005) - small,
Orange (BN008) - small.

RM9 each.

We think our dental consultation is due soon. :P

Monday, 3 September 2007

Office fashion

First of all, let us apologise for the lack of posts the past weeks. We've had some family emergencies...and let's just say we're back! :)

Office fashion

Ah work clothes. I must say, I've always somewhat dreaded wearing it before- especially business formal, sounds boring doesn't it?

But alas, the real world beckons. So let's take a different look into office fashion with these versatile pieces.

The short- sleeved jacket
The sexy, stylish, and not-so-boring alternative to a suit jacket.

We think the trick to looking good in jackets is the fit. Typically, we find one button jackets fit the best- for us anyway. They also look slightly more casual, giving it a younger and chic look.

In cream [BL020C] RM55.

We love how the lil bow makes this whole ensemble more flirty and less boring. The cut is great on Small to Medium size gals. Fits bust: 32" - 34".

Tiered necklace in gold [NC009] RM39

Jacket also available in Black [BL020B] RM55.

Beaded necklace [NC018] RM25

The not-so-boring blouse

Who says we can't look stylish in blouses? This mandarin collar blouse, with puffy sleeves is the perfect solution to perk up boring Mondays.

You're not likely in the mood to dress up on a Monday morning, so this one-piece blouse is perfect for dress n go - just team it up with a simple beaded necklace and you're set for the day!

Only available in Black [BL015] RM49
Beaded necklace [NC018] RM25

Go gold go!

There's a word for's called chic glam! This gold bronzy piece is perfect for day, as well as for that after hour drink. Just dabble on extra eye shimmer and don on a pair of gold chandelier earrings and you're all set doll!

In bronzy gold [BL016] RM45
Fits size Small to Medium. Fits bust : 32" - 34".

Black patent skinny belt is sold separately. [BT003] RM10