Thursday, 5 May 2011

Cleopatra headband

Somehow the colour Gold always reminds us of Cleopatra.

What more this beautiful piece of sequined headband.

Code: CLB0001gl
Price: RM12

Here's to looking good without overdoing it. :)


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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

M.A.C Forty Lashes

This one goes out to all you sexy vixens out there.

Love how those fake eye lashes make your eyes so much bigger and prettier? Well, you'll love these individual party eye lashes from M.A.C even more.

Comes in a set of black as well as gold for you party goers, these are perfect if you wanna add on a touch of glamour for those peepers.

Bought it at Changi Airport for $30 (approx RM69).
As we've bought way too many make up items, we're willing to part with this for RM35. What a steal!

In case you're wondering about the authenticity of this, we're attaching a picture of the back of this box. :)

Contact to place your orders babe. :)

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Monday, 2 May 2011

Limited Edition Barbie - Designer Spotlight

*Carrie is a keen collector of Barbie dolls. As she'll be getting married and leaving the country, it is with a heavy heart that she sells her Barbie collection. If you know of friends who are also avid collectors, please pass the word around. Thanks babes :)

~*~*~*Designer Spotlight by Katiana Jimenez  - Designer Series*~*~*~

*This is a limited edition doll.

This unique Designer Spotlight collection showcases the personal preference
and talents of its designers. The premier selection is an exotic Barbie doll
created by veteran designer Katiana Jimenez.

Barbie doll's top is a golden woven fabric with golden and purple beads at the
hem. It ties in the back and reveals her midriff. Her skirt is an eggplant
purple taffeta with pleat detail. It opens in the front to reveal a front
panel, which is a pinkish lavender shantung with an Indian inspired golden
print hem. Her earrings are golden hoops with beads and she wears and
interesting arm bracelet made out of golden wire that swirls around her arm.
Barbie doll's hair is a rich dark brown with auburn highlights, done in a low
side ponytail with a purple velvety flower in it.

Condition: Mint. Never been out of the box.
Manufactured in 2003.
Includes: Barbie doll, halter top, skirt, shoes, armband, earrings, doll
stand, Certificate of Authenticity.

Price: RM 330

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Victoria's Secret Love Rocks perfume set

On our recent shopping trip, we've been inundated with plenty of Victoria Secret perfumes and body care range that we were just buying them like crazy as gifts for friends and family.

We're happy to share this lovely set of Love Rocks with you.

Victoria's Secret Love Rocks is presented with the tag line "Wild at heart. A
punk princess. Rock chic meets tres chic."

Love Rocks is classified as a Fruity Floral. The top notes include bergamot,
peony and raspberry sorbet. Middle notes are comprised of sandalwood flower,
jasmine, peach nectar, plum and stephanotis, with a dry-down base of golden
amber, violet, cashmere musk and vanilla.

This set consists of:
1 x Love Rocks Scented Lotion (100ml)
1 x Love Rocks Scented Mist (125ml)
1 x Love Rocks Scented bath and shower cream (100ml)
1 x Love Rock black toilettry pouch <--we heart the floral zipper.

Recommended retail price RM280.
We're selling at RM210.


Very limited sets left.

Get yours today as these are not available in Malaysia :)
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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Cleopatra Trend - Part 2

We've received many feedback from you babes regarding those lovely gold, Cleopatra inspired bracelets from here.

We promised that we'd let you know as soon as we've got more restocked.


Code: BNCL0004gl
Colour: Gold

Set of 5 pieces of various designs - consisting of thin braided, thick braided,and Chanel chained link. 
Price: RM11 
*Imported from Korea

Code: BNCL0005gl
Colour: Gold

Set of 3 pieces of various designs - consisting of thin embellished, charmed and pearl bracelet. 
Price: RM11 
*Imported from Korea

Very limited pieces. Don't say we didn't warn ya.

Submit your order forms today. 


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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Floral lace headbands

Gong Xi Fa Cai to you pretty babes out there. May the year of the cute bunny brings you your hearts' desires and abundance in every area of your life. 

Now, we'd recommend starting the new year with something sweet and simple.

Remember our very own customised 'simply sweet and simple' floral lace headbands?

Code: FL0001c (single strand - cream)
Colour: Cream
Price: RM10

Well, we've added 2 extra colours for you to choose from (besides cream, light blue, peach, and red):

light pink and mauve :D

The good news is...
You can now make a double strand by mixing and matching the colours.

Here, we mixed the light pink and mauve and they go perfectly well. Whee! Very pretty!

Top: Mauve
Bottom: Light pink

Yups, we can customise these for you. Just let us know your preference on the colour, and whether you prefer single or double strands...

Code: FL0001 - single strand - RM10
Code: FL0002 - double strand - RM12

Feel free to mix and match! :D

Other colours...
Code: FL0002bl
Colour: Light blue
Price: RM12

Code: FL0002pe
Colour: Peach
Price: RM12

Code: FL0002c
Colour: Cream
Price: RM12

Single strand = RM10
Double strands = RM12

Left to right:
Red, light blue, peach/light orange, cream

We like them heaps and we sure hope you do too. :)


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Monday, 24 January 2011

Gorgeous earrings

Babes, we've got these gorgeous earrings to glam up those pretty ears.

1st up, we've got these cutesy owl earrings you just can't resist. :)
Code: EROWL001gl
Colour: Gold
Length: 1.1cm x 2.4cm
Price: RM12 each, 2 pairs for RM20 (mix any 2 pairs)

Code: EROWL001s
Colour: Silver
Length: 1.1cm x 2.4cm
Price: RM12 each, 2 pairs for RM20 (mix any 2 pairs)

Code: ERFL001pu
Diameter: 2.9cm
Price: RM12 each, 2 pairs for RM20 (mix any 2 pairs)

Code: ERFL002pi
Diameter: 2.3cm
Price: RM12 each, 2 pairs for RM20 (mix any 2 pairs)

Code: ERFL002b
Diameter: 2.3cm
Price: RM12 each, 2 pairs for RM20 (mix any 2 pairs)

Code: ERFL003pi
Length: 2.3cm
Price: RM12 each, 2 pairs for RM20 (mix any 2 pairs)

We love the diamante and sweet pink cabochon flower combo. So daintily sweet.

Code: ERBF001pu
Diameter: 2.0cm
Price: RM12 each, 2 pairs for RM20 (mix any 2 pairs)

Code: ERFL004r
Diameter: 2.5cm
Price: RM12 each, 2 pairs for RM20 (mix any 2 pairs)

Code: ERHB001b
Length: stiletto -1.8cm x 2.5cm, bag - 2.5cm x 2.5cm
Price: RM12 each, 2 pairs for RM20 (mix any 2 pairs)

We heart the cute pearl bow on the stiletto, and the cutesy flower petal on the bag.

Code: ERRB001r
Length: 2.3cm x 2.6cm
Price: RM12 each, 2 pairs for RM20 (mix any 2 pairs)

Very limited pieces. Grab yours today babes. :)

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