Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Get organised babes!

"Oh, where the hell is my necklace? I thought I've put it in the bag"

"Sigh. I can't go out like that. I need to apply some mascara on my lashes! I'm pretty damn sure it's in my bag. Just gimme a few more seconds!"

You know how frustrating it is having to fumble through our bags for that lippy/accessories?

Yes, we've all been through it. We girls can be quite disorganised sometimes. What with the truckload of stuff we have lugged in our bags.

The good news is...
We've found the perfect solution for this.

Cute pouches and clutches!

Go oriental!
We heart the embroidery on the satin clutches.

Oriental clutch in silver [BG100S] RM29 - SOLD OUT

It's so well compartmentalised.

You can store you make up brushed in one area, your accessories in another. Heck, the finger-like thingy there is for you to loop your rings and have them stored there. Coolness!

Tie it back any way you wanna.

Also available in charcoal brown [BG100B] RM29 - SOLD OUT

And in maroon [BG100R] RM29

Go chic!

Yes, we know this isn't exactly Agnes B.

We heart the fact that it's so simple yet stylishly functional. If you pay enough attention, you might even noticed that every pouch is tri-coloured.

And ooh..we heart the star zipper.

B pouch in charcoal brown, pink and orange [BG101B] RM25

Also available in grey, fuchsia and light blue [BG101G] RM25


Cute enough to store in any bags.


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