Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Mirror mirror on the wall....

"Mirror mirror on the wall...
Tell me i'm the fairest of them all..."
Okay, let's face it.
Besides diamonds, a mirror is the next thing to a girl's best friend.
Yups, in fact anything reflective is our good friend. Aren't we right? :P

As a fashionista, you've gotta flaunt your mirror in style.
So why not get yourself something from our Oh-so-vain range?

Oh-so-vain [Mirror01] RM19

It's a hand-held mirror...

It can also be folded into a tiny vanity mirror. Sweet!

Side/back view (sorry for the lousy resolution though)

Rose, rose i love you [Mirror02] RM19




Oh-so-vain [Mirror03] RM20

This one is strictly a hand-held mirror. Ideal for those moulin rouge nights.

The size of [Mirror03] is about 20% larger than that of [Mirror01].

*Do click on pictures to enlarge image

Some of you might be wondering how in the world we're gonna be shipping these mirrors to you.

Nah, no worries. We'll make sure they're properly bubble wrapped a dozen times before sending them to you. And they'll be put in a bubble wrap envelope as well. So that's double, make that 10-fold protection.