Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Temptations temptations!

To our deahrest SugarPoppers, yes we know that you guys are excited about our trip. Trust us, so are we. *beam*

We know we're not supposed to tempt you guys anymore, but it's really difficult to contain everything in. So, we'll spill a lil about what we're planning to buy this trip...

We're thinking - pretty dresses for summer, cute baby tees, something casual for weekend escapades, more accessories, and basically anything that we find irresistible (ahem!) :P

So stay tuned and await our return.

Until then, have a great weekend people! ;)

Tuesday, 26 June 2007


Yes girls. We'll be leaving on a jet plane this Friday. So let us know which items you want us to get just so you'll get your share of the goodies when we return next week.

I was told that some of you are looking at rings, earrings, bracelets as well as belly studs.

So...Here are more eye candies for you. =)


code:BB 017

code: BB 019

code: BB 020

code: CB 022

code: CB 024


code: BE 005

BE 013

BE 021

CE 057

CE 062

Navel studs.....

BP 001

BP 005

BP 010

BP 013

BP 014

Rings galore...

CR 003

CR 006

CR 001

CR 010

CR 020

CR 034

CR 002

CR 041

CR 054

CR 013

To place your order, email us at

Or sms Carrie at 012-308 2771, Caryn at 012-354 1326


Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Holla SugarPoppers!

A big shout out to all SugarPoppers out there!

We're going for our next buying trip. And you can have a say too!
Oh, aren't we accommodating? =)

Shout and let us know what sort of accessories/dresses/tees/skirts/etc that you're looking for and we hope to hunt that down for you (fingers crossed).

Now, let us show you a few items we have in mind at the moment, and you can let us know which ones you've fallen in love with and we'll buy those for you (don't say we didnt warn you cos we only bring in limited numbers of the same item :p)

Shakespeare in love [code:BN012]

A thousand and one nights [code:BN014]

I dream of Genie [code:BN015]

Somewhere over the rainbow [code:BN016]

I shell love you [code:BN024]

Black eyed peas [code:BN001]

I azure you! [code:BN004]

Tribal mama [code:BN005]

Midsummer nite's dream [code:BN006]

Holy moly! [code:BN008]

Raise the red lantern [code:BN041]

Porpoise [code:BN038]

Jelly beanos [code:BN044]

Mata kucing [code:BN045]

Oh my meteorites! [code:BN009]

Email us at to enquire and book your fave pieces now.