Tuesday, 26 June 2007


Yes girls. We'll be leaving on a jet plane this Friday. So let us know which items you want us to get just so you'll get your share of the goodies when we return next week.

I was told that some of you are looking at rings, earrings, bracelets as well as belly studs.

So...Here are more eye candies for you. =)


code:BB 017

code: BB 019

code: BB 020

code: CB 022

code: CB 024


code: BE 005

BE 013

BE 021

CE 057

CE 062

Navel studs.....

BP 001

BP 005

BP 010

BP 013

BP 014

Rings galore...

CR 003

CR 006

CR 001

CR 010

CR 020

CR 034

CR 002

CR 041

CR 054

CR 013

To place your order, email us at SugarPoppins@gmail.com

Or sms Carrie at 012-308 2771, Caryn at 012-354 1326



dionneeeeyy said...

Hello.. Dionne here. hehe.
First of all, I would like to wish the three of you congratulations on the opening of this business. =P

Your products are really nice and unique. hehe. I'm sure they'll sell like hot cakes. haha. And don't worry, I'll definitely help you girls promote. =D
I would love to buy some of these. I'll go through claudine to get em. Hehe.

Anyway, just want to wish the three of you all the best!! =D and congratulations again.

The Power of Three said...

Hello Dionne!

Thanks for your encouragement and support babes. We sure hope that this biz of ours will soar to greater heights. =)

Yups, let us know which ones you like and we'll do something special for you. ;)

Stay tuned and keep browsing k.

When we get back next week, there will be lotsa eye candies.


Nakamura said...

Nice blinkie stuffs..*@_@*
too bad no gf,if not can buy from you gals..XD

Cheers and all the best in it~!!

Anonymous said...


love those bling bling... i juz fell in love with your goods.. don worry gals.. i think u gals will be the coolest fashion website..

Anonymous said...


hey congrats to the power of three... i love those bling bling.. btw, i got to know this website from a fren of mine.. she was telling me how cool this blog was.. so i decided drop by and guess wat?i found some items i like..will msg u girls the code no when u girls are back from the shopping trip..

Anonymous said...

zen ying:

love ur layout and design.. besides that, i love your products.. hope you guys will reply me when ur back and send my order asap..cant wait... ur products are really suitable for my upcoming functions.. btw, i am student...i am taking design too.. hope to hear from you guys soon..

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