Monday, 29 October 2007

Sexy halter!

Heya gals! We're back...
Yes, it's been a while..we know. It's just that we've been pretty busy lately (you know how crazy year end can be right?)

Anyhoo..we've got the classics here..

Welcome to the world of halter necks!

We love halter necks cos it emphasises our sexy shoulders.

Black halter [BL025B] RM29 - SOLD OUT

Silver bean necklace [NC023] RM13 (here, we pieced 2 strands together).

Back view

White halter [BL025W] RM29

Back view

Carrie needed a sexy black top for her performance during her recent annual dinner. She couldn't resist wearing this black halter. It oozes with sex appeal. :)

Carrie getting her hair done up for her dance.

Boogie Nite was the theme of the nite

She folded the top to shorten the length to show a bit of waist. Actual length is as per picture in above (in frames).

Carrie's besties at work:
Sue Ann (she's wearing BL012R from SugarPoppins), Alice, Carrie (BL025B).
Sock Wee, Christine.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Year-end give-away!

As the festive season is drawing nearer, we're in a cheery mood to reward you girls.

Yes darlings, we're throwing in some free goodies for you.

You'll receive a necklace each for every RM100 that you spend on SugarPoppins items. Therefore, the more you spend, the more necklaces you get!

What's more, you can specify which one (whether silver -NC023, or gold - NC022) you like.

Silver beans [NC023] RM13

[NC023] RM13.

We like to layer a few of these to create a different look.

You can create a 2-tier or 3-tier necklace depending on your mood. Or you can simply just wear one.

String of pearls, gold [NC022] RM15

Again, you can layer them necklaces as you like. :)

The good news?
You can buy these off us as well. :)

The not-s0-good news?

We ain't got that many to give away, you girls gotta act FAST. ;)

You know the drill, sms us or email us at to place your orders right now!


Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Funky wraps

The weather has been pretty unpredictable lately, eh?

One minute it's sweltering hot, another minute it's like a bloody typhoon's coming or something..

It can be pretty daunting when it comes to finding outfits to wear during our sunny-rainy-sunny-rain-again season.

Fret not, we've found the perfect funky knitted wrap that is cool enough for our hot hot weather and warm enough for those chilling air-conditioned rooms when it's raining cats and dogs outside.

Navy blue wrap [BL024L] RM42 - SOLD OUT

Inside: White smocked tube [BL023W] RM19

Front view

Navy blue wrap [BL024L] RM42 - SOLD OUT

Fuchsia smocked tube [BL023F] RM19

Back view

Grey wrap [BL024G] RM42 - SOLD OUT

Fuchsia smocked tube [BL023F] RM19

Chocolate wrap [BL024B] RM42 - SOLD OUT

White smocked tube [BL023W] RM19

Girls, we have GOOD NEWS for ya!!

We felt really sorry when we had to tell you that the tubes that you gals have the hots for were gone.

L-R: Pastel yellow [BL024Y], Baby blue [BL024L], Fuchsia [BL024F], Baby pink [BL024P], White [BL024W], Black [BL024B]. RM19 each

So now, we've re-ordered some more especially for you! Don't you just love us?! :)

We have some NEW colours in too!!

L-R: Fuchsia [BL024F], Baby pink [BL024P], Red [BL024D], Chocolate [BL024R], White [BL024W], Purple royale [BL024U]. RM19 each

New colours are RED, CHOCOLATE, and PURPLE ROYALE.

Psst...u can change the tube into a slip by hooking your funky bra straps on the inside. ;)

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

In full bloom

It's a rather reliable notion that designers will show flowers for spring, just as they'll do fur for fall and teeny bikinis for resort.

Yes girls, flowers are gonna be huge this coming spring.
And oh, did we mention that colours are back? Oh, aren't we just so glad. ;)

We've found the perfect floral applique belt which is versatile enough to carry through spring-summer-fall. In short, all seasons =)

Black floral applique belt [BT004] RM29

It's very easy to wear and fits all sizes. Just tie it around your waist and viola! A glam new look.

The thing with belts as versatile as this is, one colour is not enough. You might wanna grab the white one as well. :P

White floral applique belt [BT005] RM29

Again we're gonna stress on how versatile these sweet-looking belts can be.

You can wear it over a dress...

Brown cocktail tube dress [DR004R] RM129

Over a simple blouse...

Over a casual tube top...

Fuchsia smocked tube [BL023F] RM19

You can wear it at the front

Or you can wear it sideways...

Seriously, there's no limit to how creative you can be with these belts!

White smocked tube [BL023W] RM19

Bronzy gold beaded necklace [NC018] RM25

Pastel yellow smocked tube [BL023Y] RM19

These candy coloured tubes are good enough to be eaten!

Girls, do stock up on these essential basic pieces as they're going fast. :)

L-R: Candy yellow, baby blue, fuchsia, baby pink, white, and black.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Bag that clutch

Yes darlings, we're well aware that year-end is drawing nearer. And yes, we know that you fashionistas are having lots to plan for all those year-end dinners and parties.

Besides having to think about stocking up on dinner and cocktail dresses, we know that some of you are taking a step further by trying to update your accessories, clutches, shoes, etc.

In answer to some of your queries, we've found some versatile clutches that will add some instant glam to your outfit.

Black satin clutch with diamante blings [BG006] RM69.

2 ways to flaunt this beautiful clutch:

1) hold it ala Sarah Jessica Parker
2) sling it across your shoulder (yes, there's a chain inside the bag which is removable)

This beautiful clutch is also available in icy silver. [BG007] RM69

Yups, we didn't bring in many of this as we wanted to make sure that the chances of you having the same thing as someone else is very minimal.

Happy shopping gals!

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Trend spotting: Trenchcoat dresses

The girls here at SugarPoppins are busy trend spotting for the latest look this Fall/Winter as well as next Spring/Summer.

Also, we've had a sneak peek at what the designers have into designing their Spring 2008 collections.

Let's start with the Trench coat. Ahh the trench coat...

It's the style icon embraced by style icons the world over (Sienna Miller, Kate Bosworth, Gweneth Paltrow), and this spring the trench coat is getting the star treatment it deserves. Nothing delivers a dose of instant, effortless chic quite like the trench coat.

Let's take a look at how this fabulous piece of garment has evolved over the years.

The classic Burberry
Admittedly, if anyone was to splurge on a trenchcoat, it would have to be Burberry. You can't get any more classic than this.

Burberry Prorsum at the Milan Fashion Spring Summer '08

This season, Christopher Bailey amazes us with his ever refreshing collection, Luxury Warrior.

We love love love the whole long jacket over a dress cinched with a studded belt look. Very cool. It's definitely more refreshing than the usual Burberry look.

Very edgy!

We absolutely love these updated trench looks. Very chic and cool, dun ya think?

For those of you who love vibrant colours, this is the time to flaunt it. Just look at these hot pink and jazzy blue looks. Very sharp indeed.

So there, you've gotten an idea of what's in for this Fall as well as next Spring. :)

Now, let's look at how you can copy these runway looks into realway looks.

Trench dress in Sand [DR023S] RM79
Comes with a soft leather belt.
Free size.

Trench dress in Camel [DR023C] RM79

Comes in Camel, White, and Sand.

And if you're wondering about the thickness of the dress, on whether it's suitable for our Msian weather. Well fret no more, cos the material for these dresses is cooling and is perfect for those of us working in the office. No sweat babes! ;)