Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Funky wraps

The weather has been pretty unpredictable lately, eh?

One minute it's sweltering hot, another minute it's like a bloody typhoon's coming or something..

It can be pretty daunting when it comes to finding outfits to wear during our sunny-rainy-sunny-rain-again season.

Fret not, we've found the perfect funky knitted wrap that is cool enough for our hot hot weather and warm enough for those chilling air-conditioned rooms when it's raining cats and dogs outside.

Navy blue wrap [BL024L] RM42 - SOLD OUT

Inside: White smocked tube [BL023W] RM19

Front view

Navy blue wrap [BL024L] RM42 - SOLD OUT

Fuchsia smocked tube [BL023F] RM19

Back view

Grey wrap [BL024G] RM42 - SOLD OUT

Fuchsia smocked tube [BL023F] RM19

Chocolate wrap [BL024B] RM42 - SOLD OUT

White smocked tube [BL023W] RM19

Girls, we have GOOD NEWS for ya!!

We felt really sorry when we had to tell you that the tubes that you gals have the hots for were gone.

L-R: Pastel yellow [BL024Y], Baby blue [BL024L], Fuchsia [BL024F], Baby pink [BL024P], White [BL024W], Black [BL024B]. RM19 each

So now, we've re-ordered some more especially for you! Don't you just love us?! :)

We have some NEW colours in too!!

L-R: Fuchsia [BL024F], Baby pink [BL024P], Red [BL024D], Chocolate [BL024R], White [BL024W], Purple royale [BL024U]. RM19 each

New colours are RED, CHOCOLATE, and PURPLE ROYALE.

Psst...u can change the tube into a slip by hooking your funky bra straps on the inside. ;)

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