Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Floral lace headbands

Gong Xi Fa Cai to you pretty babes out there. May the year of the cute bunny brings you your hearts' desires and abundance in every area of your life. 

Now, we'd recommend starting the new year with something sweet and simple.

Remember our very own customised 'simply sweet and simple' floral lace headbands?

Code: FL0001c (single strand - cream)
Colour: Cream
Price: RM10

Well, we've added 2 extra colours for you to choose from (besides cream, light blue, peach, and red):

light pink and mauve :D

The good news is...
You can now make a double strand by mixing and matching the colours.

Here, we mixed the light pink and mauve and they go perfectly well. Whee! Very pretty!

Top: Mauve
Bottom: Light pink

Yups, we can customise these for you. Just let us know your preference on the colour, and whether you prefer single or double strands...

Code: FL0001 - single strand - RM10
Code: FL0002 - double strand - RM12

Feel free to mix and match! :D

Other colours...
Code: FL0002bl
Colour: Light blue
Price: RM12

Code: FL0002pe
Colour: Peach
Price: RM12

Code: FL0002c
Colour: Cream
Price: RM12

Single strand = RM10
Double strands = RM12

Left to right:
Red, light blue, peach/light orange, cream

We like them heaps and we sure hope you do too. :)


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