Monday, 10 September 2007

Sugars and lollies

OMG these are so sweet, we think we're gonna puke if it gets any sweeter than this. :P
Oh sweeeeet!!!

Strawberry delight!!!

Top to bottom: Darker pink (BN003) - small,
Light pink (BN002) - small,
Clear pink (BN004) - small,
Red (BN009) - large. Red is also available in small (BN006).

RM9 each

Creme brulee

Left: Top - bottom
C-shaped Ivory bangle (BN011),
White (BN005) - small,
Opaque (BN007) - small.

Right: Round opaque bangle (BN001).

RM9 each.

Creme Brulee

C-shaped Ivory bangle (BN011), Round opaque bangle (BN001),
Opaque (BN007) - small, White (BN005) - small.

Blueberry cheesecake

Top to bottom:
Opaque (BN007) - small,
Baby blue (BN010) - large only.

RM9 each

Orange sorbet

Top to bottom:
White (BN005) - small,
Orange (BN008) - small.

RM9 each.

We think our dental consultation is due soon. :P


Anonymous said...

evelyn- love those bangles.. so sweet.. i have send an email to u guys ady.. hope to hear from u guys soon...

Sugar said...

Hi Evelyn,

Glad you love those bangles. Yups, we've received your email and have included instructions on how you can purchase those bangles.

Thank you for your interest with SugarPoppins.

cik kedondong said...

do i get a discount if i want to buy it in a set?