Sunday, 6 June 2010

Customise your own...

The launch of our very own "Simply sweet and simple" floral lace headbands has gotten great reviews and feedback.

What can we say? Except that we love you babes! Thank you so so much for liking our products. :)

Fueled by your encouragements and support, we are happy to bring you our very own "Grecian Goddess" collection.

*note: this is only the first batch...there's more to come babes!

We are happy to bring in more funky colours to the existing grecian rope headbands which you gals love so much.

Code: GR0002triPu
Colour: Tricolour - Silver, lilac, purple
Price: RM10

Code: GR0002triBl
Colour: Tricolour - Gold, white, blue
Price: RM10

Left - right: GR0002triBl, GR0002triPu

Code: GR0001wg
Colour: White, gold
Price: RM10

Left - right: GR0001wg (white gold), GR0002triPu (purple), GR0002triBl (blue)
Price: RM10

Submit your order forms now babes! 


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