Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Thank you for the reviews

Huge thanks to: A Shopaholic's Den, Shoppers Bite, Blog Muffins, Detailed Wears, Fashionista in You, JessicaT and AiLing for the fantastic reviews. We love you babes!

"Just when you thought they were only on bags, think again because we now have them as headbands as well too! How awesome is that? This is definitely the place to get hold of them headbands because they just keep coming with more!"

"More headbands? This is the place to source them out babes and check this one here out. Very similar to the one spotted on Taylor Swift there, no? Oh yea, time to get one for yourself babes"

"This one is a real head turner ain't it? Not only with that shade of green but check out the lacey details that accompanies it as well babes. Tee-hee. Something as good as this, you got to have it. While stocks last as well too babes!"

"And because the know how much you adore headbands and we won't be seeing much of Blair due to summer break, go stock up your loot already! New designs, affordable prices, more than we could ask for! *grins*"

Reviewed by Detailed Wears on 20 May 2010

"The all time favourite, big florals and chain and intertwined ribbons :)
Only at SugarPoppins"

"This polka dress with laced straps gives you the high school temperament"

Remember JessicaT, the lovely lifestyle blogger who bought one of our hairbands during the MOS Too Hot To Handle event? Well, here's her post on the event.

"The first blogshop store that I went was a booth by SugarPoppins! After scouring through their pretty stuff, I set my eyes on a really adorable retro polka-dotted hairband! It's so cute an I bet it was handmade too. Needless to say, I put it on immediately. 
:D  And they made it mine.

Thanks girls at Sugarpoppins!

Here's a piccies of 1 of them. Couldn't find Carrie! *sobs*"

Yups, Carrie was inside the club getting her drink fix as the weather was really too hot to handle :p. Sorry, we missed you Jess.

This post came from one of our sweet customers, Ai Ling.


A blogshop that's introduced by Huixin. Hehe. =)

Ordered four hair bands from them. 
The seller is a nice person, good services, good qualities and price average. 
So if you interest about any style of hair bands. 
Just go and see, they have many style to let u choose."

You babes are the best! Thank you thank you thank you. 


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