Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Ooh la la Chanel

We've brought in more sweet colours of the lovely Ooh la la Chanel chain headbands for you babes.

Trust us, they are oh-so-lovely. :)

Code: CR0001sp
Colour: Sweet pink
Price: RM10

Code: CR0001Li
Colour: Lilac
Price: RM10

Code: CR0001LL
Colour: Light lilac
Price: RM10

Code: CR0001pu
Colour: Purple
Price: RM10

Top to bottom:
CR0001LL (light lilac),
CR0001Li (lilac),
CR0001pu (purple)

Top to bottom:
CR0001pu (purple),
CR0001Li (lilac),
CR0001LL (light lilac),CR0001sp (sweet pink).

Sweetness right? We know ;)

Submit your order forms today as we've got very limited pieces.

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