Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Simply sweet and simple

We've tried our hands at making them headbands and it sure was fun. :)

Introducing to you....
Our version of 'simply sweet and simple' headbands.

~*~*~*Single Strand Floral lace*~*~*~

Code: FL0001c
Colour: Cream
Price: RM10
This one is single strand.

You have the option to have it plain or to add on the floral embellishment. :)

~*~*~*Double Strands Floral Lace*~*~*~

Code: FL0002r
Colour: Red 
Price: RM12


Code: FL0002bl
Colour: Light blue
Price: RM12

Code: FL0002pe
Colour: Peach
Price: RM12

Code: FL0002c
Colour: Cream
Price: RM12

Yups, we can customise these for you. Just let us know your preference on the colour, and whether you prefer single or double strands...And if you'd like to add on the floral embellishment as well (at no extra charge).

Single strand = RM10
Double strands = RM12

The floral embellishment
Colours: Red  or Light pink

Colours are as follows:
Light blue
Peach/ light orange

Left to right:
Red, light blue, peach/light orange, cream

We like them heaps and we sure hope you do too. :)


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