Friday, 25 June 2010


Dearest SugarPoppers,

Just a short note to let you babes know that we'll be away from today (25 June 2010) till Saturday (3 July 2010).

During this time, we'll only be able to reply your emails/enquiries on orders. However, we'll only be able to post your reserved items (all items reserved after today till 4 July) on Monday, 5 July 2010 as we're not in town.

Who doesn't love a holiday ya? Weeee!!! :)

Oh by the way, do watch out for our post on 1 July though...cos we've got lotsa surprises for ya! Please tell your friends about it too. You really don't wanna miss it ;)

 As to what it is.. You'll just have to wait. :p
It's good stuff, we promise ;)

Seriously, do come check the blog on 1 July :P

Happy weekend and a happy holiday to us!

cheers love!

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