Saturday, 22 May 2010

Thanks for the Instant Gratification

Nothing gives us instant gratification more than your smile and positive feedback. :)

We were pleasantly surprised when The Book of Fame contacted us telling us that we've been credited for a job well done. *super big grin*

As we do not know the identity of the kind and generous SugarPopper, we'd like to thank her here for giving us the motivation to work harder and serve you gals better. :)

~*~*~*Credit to SugarPoppins*~*~*~

Friday, May 21, 2010

One happy customer

Credit goes to: SugarPoppins

"I have fallen in love with hair bands ever since I watched Gossip Girls. Been searching high and low for nice ones, but being a student, I have limited funds. Found some in shopping malls, they are nice but are very costly too.

Imagine how happy I was when I found out from one of the blog review sites (Shopaholic's Den I think) about those nice and sweet hair bands from SugarPoppins. All selling at RM10!

I contacted the seller and she was really very nice. I managed to get 3 for the price of one I get in the malls. When my parcel arrives, the hairbands were all nicely packed in a box for me and I didn't have to worry about them being squashed.

Just wanna give them the credits for being so nice and patient as I did ask them many questions and all. I'll definitely save up and be back to shop with them." 


Also our sincere gratitude to A Shopaholic's Den, Blog Muffins, and Detailed Wears for the support and generous reviews. :) 

Reviewed by A Shopaholic's Den on 17 May 2010. Thanks babe! xoxo

"Just when you thought they were only on bags, think again because we now have them as headbands as well too! How awesome is that? This is definitely the place to get hold of them headbands because they just keep coming with more!"

Reviewed by Blog Muffins on 18 May 2010. Thanks hun :) xoxo

"RM49. Not only for the skirt but a tank top as well! I think thats a good deal babes."

Reviewed by A Shopaholic's Den on 19 May 2010. Thanks again babe :)

"More headbands? This is the place to source them out babes and check this one here out. Very similar to the one spotted on Taylor Swift there, no? Oh yea, time to get one for yourself babes"

Reviewed by Detailed Wears on 20 May 2010. Thanks hun. :)  xoxo

"The all time favourites,big florals and chain and intertwined ribbon :) 
Only at Sugar Poppins"

Thank you so so much. We love you guys! <3 <3 <3

Have an awesome weekend love!

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