Monday, 3 May 2010

Girly bows - Part 1

We're back!!!! 

And we're happier than ever after our break. Wee-hoo! ;)

As promised, we've got heaps of goodies for you hot girlies out there. (We told ya we love ya, didn't we?)

~*~*~*Bows and pearls*~*~*~

There's nothing cuter than making a statement with bows on your head!

BWP0001w - RM10
Colour of pearls and bow is actually white. 

Sweetness right? :)

BWP0001p - RM10

In girly pink 

Actual colour.

BWP0001w, BWP0001p

BWP0002bs - RM10

Colour: Black and silver

BWP0002br - RM10

Colour: Brown

BWP0002b - RM10

Colour: Black

BWP0002p - RM10

Colour: Disco pink

BWP0002gl - RM10

Colour: Gold

Top: Brown, Black
Bottom: Pink, Silver

Clockwise (L-R): Brown, Black, Pink, Silver, Gold

~*~*~*Bling it up*~*~*~

We love how the pieces of diamante bling up our bow.

BWD0001p - RM10

Colour: Fuchsia pink

That's all for now...

Stay tuned for more! ;)


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