Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Thanks for featuring us!

It's always very lovely to know that the products we brought back are well-liked by all. More so when we get to know that our products have been featured. 

It gives us an instant high knowing that you girls love them as much as we do :)

We're beaming from ear to ear with these reviews from A Shopaholic's Den, Diary Addictions, Eat.Gossip.Shop and Fashion Clicks. Thank you so so much darlings!

Reviewed by Diary Addictions on 3 May 2010

"Slim dainty hairbands. :)
of pearls and satin.

Reviewed by A Shopaholic's Den on 4 May 2010

"And they’re back with more headbands yet again! This time with small bows and pretty pearls to match it too. Fancy one in pink babes? Tee-hee."

Also reviewed by A Shopaholic's Den on 5 May 2010

"There they go with more headbands babes! This time with bows and they are all bling up for you already. Tee-hee. What fun it is babes, go check it out right now while stocks last!"

Reviewed by Eat.Gossip.Shop on 5 May 2010.

"More super cute and sweet accesories to be found at SugarPoppins! Be warned: so sweet your teeth might start falling out. =)"

Reviewed by Fashion Clicks on 5 May 2010

This picture is courtesy of cute lifestyle blogger, Jessica T. She bought this cutesy dotted hairband in hues of pink from us during the recent M.O.S. bazaar.

Here's what she has to say, "Thanks so much, i genuinely love the hairband from u guys. Really cute & retro! Plus, it's 1 of my fave shades of colours too.. pink purple reddish. :)".

FYI, this last one was sold to Jessica. We haven't the chance to post this on our blog too. Sorry babes.

A big thank you to all for putting a huge smile on our faces :)

<3 <3 <3


And for you girls out there, we'd love to hear your feedback too! Send us your piccies wearing our hairbands k? :)



Jessica said...

Super love it! it's so kawaii. Woo hoo! u guys rock <3

Carrie McGorgeous said...

Thanks Jess. Glad you love the hairband. xoxo