Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Girly bows - Part 2

These bow headbands are as girly as can be :D


We especially heart these 'blingy' bows. What's more? The quality's exceptionally good too :D

BWS0001s - RM15

Colour: Silver

BWS0001b - RM15

Colour: Black

BWS0001b, BWS0001s - RM15 each

~*~*~*Alice band*~*~*~

BWA0001r - RM10

Colour: Tomato Red

BWA0001w - RM10

Colour: Off white

BWA0001p - RM10

Colour: Fuchsia

BWA0001b - RM10

Colour: Black

Top - bottom: Fuchsia, Tomato red, Black, Off white


BWA0002r - RM10

Colour: Red with white dots.

Note: There is a white elastic connecting the ends. Whereas for the Alice bow, the entire headband is covered (elastic not visible).

~*~*~*~Bows and all things sweet*~*~*~

We figured, since we're at it, we might as well throw in these sweet earrings to match.

ERBW0001 -RM10

Yups, they aren't 'bows', but still...sundaes and cupcakes are super sweet can? 

ERCP0001 - RM10

We don't have many pieces of these headbands babes, so grab them quick ya! :)

Submit your orders today!


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