Friday, 7 May 2010

Spring blossoms - Part 1

There's nothing we love more than seeing flowers blooming.  
And there's nothing we love more than adorning our heads with pretty florals too. 

We're happy to showcase the first part of our Spring blossoms collection.

They are so pretty that we're sure Blair Waldorf would approve of. :)

FF0002w - RM12

FF0002b - RM12

For those who prefer to clip and go, we've got the white one in hairclip.

FRC0002w - RM10

~*~*~*Back by popular demand*~*~*~

Our 'Flowers and Pearls' hairbands sold out so quickly that many were left disappointed. Fret not, we've just restocked on the following colours:

FP0001p - RM10

FP0001w - RM10

*New colour*

Yups, you've requested  for red, and we listened.

FP0001r - RM10

This is closer to the actual colour. :)

Submit your orders quick babe. They are going pretty fast.

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