Thursday, 8 April 2010

Paris Hilton Forever handbag

The name Paris Hilton needs no further introduction. While many think that she's just another bimbo, I'd beg to differ. Now, I'm not a fan of hers, I'm just pretty impressed by her 'entreprenuerial' skills.

She's really pretty smart I must say. Think about it, Paris really knows how to maximise her brand name by building on the unique Paris Hilton attributes - sexy, glamourous, playful, full of surprises, instantly recognizable, ever changing yet long lasting.

First developed to accommodate Handbags and Accessories, the Paris Hilton brand now expands to Jewellery, Cosmetics, Apparel, Footwear, Watches and Sunglasses. The brand is in almost every fashion product. 

"From red-carpet gala parties in NYC to sunny pool sides at the Cote d' Azur, waiting for a girlfriend at the Shibuya train station or popping in for a manicure in Rio, the Paris Hilton collection is ready to be worn by all chic and fashionable women across the world," - Jens Peter Friss (Chief Creative Director of Retouch Brands for Paris Hilton Entertainment)

Paris carrying her bags from various Paris Hilton collection.

Paris & the Allegria Handbag 

Paris & the Bella Handbag 

Paris & the Desire Gold Handbag 

Paris & the Desire Chocolate Gold Handbag        

Paris & the Timeless Handbag 

Paris & the Forever Bronze Handbag 

At SugarPoppins, we've got a Paris Hilton Forever handbag for you to grab.

Material/Print: Paris Forever in Jacquard logo as in the 90's logo mania.
Theme: Forever young and fun! Fresh, clear and bright colours to dazzle over your arm. 

The Forever collection can be used endlessly - the amazing trims and metal hardwares are truly contemporary in design!

Condition: Brand new with tag.
Comes with a dust bag.

This is an authentic Paris Hilton handbag. :)

Retails at RM329 in stores.

At SugarPoppins, we're selling it at RM220. Code: PH4eva01

Let us know if you're interested as we have very limited pieces for sale. 

As we will be at the MOS Bazaar this weekend, let us know and we can bring it for you. Please sms/email/submit order form to reserve as we will not be lugging all our stuff there. We'll only be bringing pieces that's been ordered or reserved.


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