Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Hair bands galore - Part 1

To continue from where we left off...

As promised, we've got more piccies of the fabulous hair bands for you. :)

~*~*~*Rosettes and pearl*~*~*~

In tiger print

FP0003tg - RM10

Hear me roar!

In black

FP0003b - RM10

In light teal (this is closer to the colour as compared to the picture below)

FP0003bl - RM10

In pale pink

FP0003p - RM10

~*~*~*A string of pearls*~*~*~

Besides diamonds, pearls are also a girl's best friend. They add to the girly factor in any outfit. :)
In white

PR0001w - RM10

In black

PR0001b - RM10

In pink

PR0001p - RM10

In purple (this is closer to the actual colour as compared to the picture below, that looks more grey-ish)

PR0001pu - RM10


In white

BB0001w - RM10

In peach
BB0001pe - RM10

~*~*~*Melbourne Cup*~*~*~

This kinda reminds us of when we needed a cute headpiece to attend the Melbourne Cup, hence the name.

In black

MC0001b - RM10

In cream

MC0001c - RM10

Yups, there's more.. 

Stay tuned! *winks*


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