Friday, 23 April 2010

Fab reviews

Many thanks and lots of hugssss to A Shopaholic's Den and Diary Addictions for their kind and generous reviews.

Reviewed by A Shopaholic's Den on 16 April 2010

"They are back with even more headbands! Woot! They sure are loving them much and so are we. All the sweet designs are irresistible and definitely not to be missed out on alright. Go get ‘em babes!" 

 Reviewed by A Shopaholic's Den on 21 April 2010

"And more with them headbands. This is their 4th batch already babes, so many, you really don’t want them to stop just yet because the more the better for us. Don’t you think so too? *winks*" 

Reviewed by Diary Addictions on 22 April 2010

"Lush Alice satin headbands. :)
Soft draped style or a quirky bold ribbon!
In sophisticated hues of emerald blue, bubblegum pink and pearl white.
boho design also available. RM 10"

Thank you for your continuous support. xoxo

Much love,

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