Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Hair bands galore - Part 4

Hairbands, bows, flowers, girly stuff.....these are a few of our favourite things. :)

*Darlings, most of the hairbands from this batch are non-restockable (except for the Grecian Goddess ropes), so please...grab them before they're gone. ;)

~*~*~*We heart bows*~*~*~

On model: BW0001bl (in teal) - RM10 - SOLD OUT

BW0001pu - RM10

BW0001bl - RM10 - SOLD OUT

BW0001br - RM10

Top to bottom:
BW0001r (red) - RM10 - SOLD OUT
BW0001gl (faint gold) - RM10 - SOLD OUT
BW0001bl (teal) - RM10 - SOLD OUT
BW0001nv (in navy blue) - RM10 - SOLD OUT



Top to bottom:
KB0001p - RM10
KB0001w - RM10 - SOLD OUT
KB0001bl - RM10



2 cute-sy flowers

SF0001r - RM10 - SOLD OUT


1 cute-sy flower

SF0001pu - RM10 (note: the colour is actually a very sweet purple, it appears pink here).

Top to bottom:
2 cute-sy flowers: SF0001b - RM10 - SOLD OUT
1 cute-sy flower: SF0001pu - RM10
2 cute-sy flowers: SF0001r -SOLD OUT


Kawaii desu ne! ;)

~*~*~*Grecian goddess*~*~*~

Black and silver rope - GR0001bs - RM10

Black and gold rope - GR0001bg - RM10 - SOLD OUT (restockable)

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