Wednesday, 18 July 2007

You gotta accessorize...

The easiest way to brighten any outfit is to Accessorize!
We'll start off with our range of earrings first.

Cute button earrings

L-R: White [ER005W], Red [ER005R] - RM8 each

L-R: Pink [ER006P], Red [ER006R] - RM7 each

Go floral!

L-R: Clear purple [ER001P], Black [ER001B], White [ER001W] - RM12 each


Black round earrings with gold rose motifs [ER0025R] RM15

Black oval earrings with gold rose motifs [ER0025V] RM15

L-R: Pink [ER002P], Orange [ER002R], Brown [ER002B] - RM9 each

Go blings!

Diamante cluster [ER013] RM31

[ER003] RM15

[ER004] RM19 Sold

[ER024] RM15 Sold

Black [ER032B], White [ER032W], Pink [ER032P] - RM12 each


[ER019] RM25

[ER020] RM25

[ER021] RM25

[ER022] RM25

Of sweet
[ER018] RM15

Disco diva!

Silver glomesh [ER030S] RM15
Gold glomesh [ER030G] RM15

Black [ER0029B], White [ER0029W] - RM9 each

[ER0031] RM9

Let's boogie!!!

Top: [ER027] Oval (pink)
Bottom: Left [ER026P] Round (pink), Right [ER026R] Round (red) RM9 each

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