Friday, 13 July 2007

Affair of the necklaces

Did you know?

Historically women wore necklaces to draw attention to the cleavage region.

We personally think nothing much has changed though :P, in addition to the fact that we now wear necklaces to beautify ourselves, to complement an outfit, or to even say something about who we are - image building.

[NC002] - Necklace + earrings set RM79

[NC003] - Necklace + earrings set RM89

A girl and her pearls...

[NC005B] - Black beads RM39

This can be worn as a belt too! We love stuff that are versatile =)!

[NC005W] - White pearls RM39

Also available in Champagne-coloured pearls [NC005C] RM39

I like it LOUD!

[NC006B] -3 tier huge black beads RM39

[NC006R] - 3 tier huge brown pearly beads RM39

The sophisticate

[NC007B] - Black butterfly RM39

[NC007N] - Nude-coloured butterfly RM39

[NC007R] - Red butterfly RM39

Bvlgari inspired Y-drop necklace

[NC008B] - Black RM35

[NC008R] - Red RM35

[NC008Y] - Amber RM35

Cool glamour

[NC009] Gold with diamante + layering RM39

Wear it funky

Wear it chic

[NC010] Dark silver with diamante + layering RM39


[NC011] Crystal necklace + earrings set RM129 [sold]

[NC012] Black + white beaded necklace RM39

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