Monday, 16 July 2007


I went out with Michele and Shuk Yee yesterday. The girls had fun going through the range from SugarPoppins.

Mich tried this Replay baby tee on and she liked it so much, she kept it on. =)

"Ven, you've gotta bring in more tees like this! They're so cool and comfy!", Mich exclaimed. Shukz beamed, in agreement. Shukz bought the Cola tee, as well as the Gold bear tee. Mich bought the Replay and Diva tee. Aww..thanks gal! I love u all to bits!

Mich loves this charmed bracelet [CB001] - RM65 Sold

~*~*~*What others think*~*~*~

Tiffany loves this Bvlgari inspired Y-necklace.
"This is so unique. Love it"


Anonymous said...

hey girls.. love those girlie gathering u guys have.. wish to join u gals for the next gathering..

The Power of Three said...

Hey there! Oh yeah sure thing. Just let us know when you're free and we can surely do something together =)