Sunday, 8 July 2007

Dressing up


Dear SugarPoppers,

We thank you so much for your patience and support. Wait no more, we're now ready to showcase some of our spoils from the buying trip.

We'll start by showcasing the dresses first. Then we'll upload more as we go along.


The three of us had so much fun playing dress up yesterday. Phew, trying to pose as models sure wasn't an easy task. So please excuse us if these pictures are not up to professional standard. :P

Dresses galore

On Claudine (left)- Black halter retro print dress [code: DR001B]. RM89,
Rainbow crystal necklace [code: NC004]. RM45

On Carrie (right) - White halter retro print dress [code: RM001W]. RM89,
Beaded necklace + earrings set [code: NC002]. RM79

Black + white "Portrait of a girl" bag RM45
"Parisienne gal" bag RM45

NC002 - RM79 a set

There are 2 ways to wear this dress.
1: Tying it on the neck as a halter.
2: Criss-crossing the sash and tie a bow at the back.

Free size (fits Small to Medium).
Comes with a matching belt.

My sisters reckon this look like a Victoria Beckham pix.

I love this black shirt dress, it's so Audrey Hepburn.
[code: DR002]. RM99

Free size.
Comes with a sash to tie on the waist.

Black & white beaded necklace [code: NC012] - RM39

China dolls.
On Carrie (left) - brown floral Mandarin collar dress with cute pearl buttons. [code: DR003R]
On Claudine (right) - black floral Mandarin collar dress.... [code: DR003B]

Free size (fits small to medium)

Additional cream sash (on Carrie) - RM5

With darling Cocoa Chanel.

Brown cocktail tube dress [DR004R]. RM129.
Also available in Black.

It's a knee length dress, with a sash to tie at the back.
Fits small to medium.

Red Butterfly necklace [code: NC007R]. RM39.
Necklace also available in Black and Nude.

Pearls and crystal necklace + earrings set. [code: NC003]. RM89

Pearls and crystal necklace + earrings set. [code: NC003]. RM89

3 tiered necklace in black beads [NC006B] RM39

Tube dress also available in Black [DR004B] RM129

Of white beads and crystals tiered necklace [NC015] RM39

We love these floral tube dresses. The material is so soft, the print is amazingly exotic.

These floral tube dresses come in 3 colours: grey, black and white.

On Claudine - Grey colour [DR005G]. RM89
Necklace + earring set [NC003]. RM89

Black [DR005B]. RM89
Necklace + earring [NC003]. RM89

White tube dress[DR005W]. RM89

White lacy choker with crystals (very girly!) [NC001C] - RM99.
The necklace comes in 2 colours - clear crystal or pink crystal.

Matching crystal earring [ER021]. RM25




Flirty slip dresses

On Claudine - blue floral slip. [DR006B]. RM79
Bvlgari inspired Y- necklace [NC008Y]. RM35

Bvlgari inspired Y- necklace [NC008Y] in Amber

She prefers to cinch her waist with a belt.

On Caryn - pink floral slip [DR006P]. RM79

White Pearl necklace (which doubles as a belt) [NC005W]. RM39

These floral dresses have braided straps, instead of the conventional straps. =)


Red puff sleeves dress with cute buttons [DR007]. RM79

Fits small to medium.

Back portion has smocking elastic details, making it stretchable.

White puff sleeves dress, comes with a sash that can be tied at the front or back.
[DR008]. RM79

Fits small to medium.

I'm gonna attend a cocktail party soon!

Wine coloured halter dress [DR009W]. RM129

Crystal (purple) necklace + earring set [NC011]. RM129

Dress also available in nude. [DR009S]. RM129
Fits small to medium.

2 tiered gold and amber crystals necklace [NC021] RM30

White pearl necklace [NC005W] RM39. Can be worn as a chain belt as well.

Girly chiffon tube dress [DR010]. RM99
Fits size 'S'.

Brown pearl necklace [NC006C]. RM39

Also available: Black beaded necklace [NC006B]. RM39

Right - Gold glomesh earrings [ER030G]. RM15
Left- Silver glomesh earrings [ER030S]. RM15

Feeling sultry and ready to dance the flamenco...

Red polka dot dress. [DR011R]. RM89

Red Bvlgari inspired Y-drop necklace [NC008R]. RM35

Dress also available in black. [DR011B]. RM89

Tier necklace with yellow and gold crystals [NC021] RM30

We'll be uploading more piccies soon gals. So stay tuned and keep coming back!

Remember to call us if you wanna view the goodies.

XOXO ~ SugarPoppins


Anonymous said...

Hi! I really like the way u guys model the clothing. it's not boring and at least i can have an idea how the clothes look like.

Can i meet u this week? can u show me your accessories too? i have sent an email to u already.


Tze M.

xenoed said...

supa moda ! hehe

Anonymous said...

hey girl... i love the tube dresses...keep updating more product to show us ya... looking forward to more cool n pretty stuff...we shell meet up soon :)

lindy C

Anonymous said...

seem like u girl are having so much fun.. i like the concept that u girl use urself as the model n so that at least we know how the clothes will look like better then just hang the clothes there n boring...

Anonymous said...

what a bunch of HOT chicks...*hot***

i like the way u guys promote ur clothings.

Congratulations on the starting of this business. I have faith in u gals!


Anonymous said...

hey .. i think u gals are brilliant. like the idea and the ways u gals model and mix match the accesories..hope to meet up wit u gals soon..

Nakamura said...

Wow..nice nice nice..
well i mean the dress and of course, the 3 of you..XD

All the best with ya business alrite..i'll start helping u gals to ush the URL when i m a bit free..kinda tied up with my job at the moment...cheers~

Anonymous said...

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