Tuesday, 19 February 2008


Greetings to our faithful SugarPoppers!!!

We're truly sorry for the lack of posts of late. Some of us are bogged down with work (what else?) and stress, some of us are involved in a couple of big events to manage, and some of us are just plain tired about the long hours we've put in.

So, if you may excuse you, we shall take leave for say another week and this site will resume to normal, with lotsa pictures say by next week hopefully. *fingers crossed*

Thanks for putting up with us. Yes we know, we love you gals too!



Fluxevz said...

im not a girl..can i be considered as sugarpoppers too..hehehe

Esther Chin said...

hahha!!! flux!

Carrie said...

Fluxevz: Yes yes! as long as you like SugarPoppins stuff, you're automatically a sugarpopper. ;)

Esther: thanks for bringing him into the club dearie. :)