Sunday, 10 February 2008

Thank you Esther dear

A satisfied SugarPopper, Esther actually blogged about us in her blog. It's such a sweet gesture, really. *grin grin*

Here's what she had to say on her blog...


Halfway enjoying my breakfast, the postman disturbed me by arriving at my doorstep with something...

A courier

Speed, Realiabe, Anywhere... SOUNDS LIKE promoting CONDOMS!


The 3rd CHINESE NEW YEAR DRESS that I've bought...

their very own brand!
Yes, I ordered it from SugarPoppins!

It was seriously LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT :p and I knew I had to get the dress.

no, this is NOT a paid advertisement post.
I bought the dress, am happy with it, therefore I blog about it.


Thanks for the sweet write-up Esther. We promise we'll bring in more clothes to make your online shopping a pleasurable experience.

If you'd like to check out Esther's blog, click here


Esther Chin said...

haha... you featured me here. thanks.

yeah, i love the [DR031P] pink dress.

will be buying the [BL028B] black top next :)

thank you darlings!

x said...

Yes , i think that is a really pretty dress :P

Fluxevz said...

im the one who told her to buy that..anyway maybe i shud buy sumthing here so that ill be featured..hehehe

X aso here =.=

Esther Chin said...

wahlau... you ask me to buy wan meh? i didnt even tell you that i'm buying it :p

Fluxevz said...

u send the link somemore leh,i sacrifice my RAM to open the firefox and view the dress..i told u pink is nicer than the blue one.. T_T,get the dress edi dont rmb ppl la

Esther Chin said...

:( you are NOT the only ONE that I asked for opinion ma...

Fluxevz said...


The Power of Three said...

Esther: Thanks for blogging about us dearie. :)

X: you've got good taste ;)

Fluxevz: thanks for playing a part in influencing Esther to get the dress. LOL

Anyhoo, we're so thankful for your continuous support. Have a great day babes!