Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Spring friendly flowers

Yes, it's spring time!!

Check out these lovely floral earrings and more....

Blue Rose stud with diamante [ER033L] - RM12 - SOLD OUT

Rose stud in red [ER033R] - RM12 - SOLD OUT

Rose stud in black [ER033B] - RM12 - SOLD OUT

White suede-like large Rose stud [ER034] - RM11

Fuchsia peony stud with diamante [ER035] - RM10

[ER035] - RM10

Pretty floral stud with diamante in silver [ER036S] - RM10

Pretty floral stud with diamante in red [ER036R] - RM10

White peony stud [ER037W] - RM10

Red peony stud [ER037R] - RM10

Well, if you're not a flower kinda girl...

Why not go for these classic pieces?

Geometric shape Black and Silver stud with diamante [ER038] - RM12 - SOLD OUT

Bejewelled bling bling stud in black n white contrast [ER039BW] - RM12 - SOLD OUT

[ER039BW] - RM12 - SOLD OUT

Clear bejewelled bling bling stud [ER039W] - RM12 - SOLD OUT

Bejewelled cross stud [ER040] - RM11 - SOLD OUT

Bejewelled drop earrings [ER041] - RM20

[ER041] - RM20

Eyptian princess hoops [ER042] - RM15

[ER042] - RM15

Yes girls, we know we've been pretty slack lately. But but it's all good :).
We're doing some major shopping again.

So stay tuned.
Oh, did we tell you how much we love the fact that you girls are so nice to us?

Thanks a million! ;)


Esther Chin said...

Are [ER036S] earrings?

Carrie said...

Yes dearie, there are silver earrings. :)

Carrie said...

Yes dearie, these are silver earrings. :)

Anonymous said...

[ER039BW] <---Available? And may i know the size of it?

Carrie said...

Hi Anonymous.

Yes [ER039BW] is still available. The size is 1.5cm x 1.5cm.

Let us know if you wanna reserve them earrings. Ta!