Tuesday, 17 August 2010

MOFEW 2010 was blast

Thank to all you lovelies, the MOFEW 2010 bazaar was a blast! Cynthia and I had heaps of fun manning our booth. It was crazy busy throughout..though tired, we both felt it was worth it. :)

Here are some pix that we managed to take. We wanted to take more but got so tied up that we forgot to do so. 

~*~*~*Day 1 - 14 Aug 10*~*~*~
Me + Cynthia

Me + Yien Yee from A Shopaholic's Den.
Thanks for dropping by babe. *hugs*

My BFFs (Mich and Shukz) dropped by to support and helped out. Thanks to them for  offering their kind assistance to help us take care of the booth. It was so crazy crowded that we needed all the extra eyes and hands we could get. I love you babes!

Am also very touched that mum helped out on Day 2. I'm so so blessed, aren't I?

One of SugarPoppins July's Giveaway winners, Jocelyn came to redeem her headband.
Sweet Jocelyn in BWP0004w. :)

~*~*~*Day 2 - 15 Aug 10*~*~*~

Another winner, as well as dear customer, Leena came to redeem her headband.

Here's our dear Leena looking chic and demure in BWS0001br.

So happy that I managed to take a picture with one of my all-time favourite customers. :)

So nice to know that my headbands are well liked by all girls - from as young as 1 year old. :)
On the first day, a toddler whom I nicknamed "Bumblebee" (she was wearing a yellow dress and when she wore the FS0006w headband, she really reminded me of a Bumblebee) modelled so many of our headbands. Her sister bought about 6 headbands to share with her. Isn't that sweet? *am keeping my fingers crossed that her sis will be sending pictures of Bumblebee to me*

There were at least 2 more girls whose mothers bought headbands for them but I didn't manage to take their pictures as I was too busy attending to so many customers. :(

Anyway, I managed to take 2 piccies of Yn Xin on Day 2.
She kept coming to my booth saying, "hairband..hairband" while smiling at me. Later, her parents came over asking me to recommend something for Yn Xin.

I recommended these 2..

BWA0001r for it is soft and cute. Sort of reminded me of Minnie Mouse. :)

And BWP0001w for its girly cuteness.
And Yn Xin chose this. :)

Alicia (I hope I remembered her name correctly) works as a hairstylist/make up artist with Snips. She was there as an exhibitor herself. 

Came over to our booth after all the fashion shows were over and she picked a few chic pieces from SugarPoppins.

I swear she rocked this look. The tiger print headband looked really good on her.

Code: TGW0001

Our dear neighbour from Lolliepops wearing BWS0001br and looking really good to boot. :)
She was wearing PR0001y the day before and helped me boost sales too. 

These 2 babes from Lolliepops were so supportive. Together, they bought over 5 headbands from us and have been religiously wearing them everyday. :)

Thanks babes! xoxo

This should be the last major bazaar of the year. A little sad to know that there isn't gonna be anything as swell as this but we're hopeful. 

Thank you to all for your continuous support. We just can't say enough..
Love you babes!!!

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