Friday, 23 July 2010

We heart prints!!!

We're bringing you a myriad of graphic designs for your crowning glory.

They are pretty, aren't they? ;)

~*~*~*Gorgeous Zebra*~*~*~

Code: HBZ0001
Colour: Black, white, gray tints
Price: RM10

***SOLD OUT - Might be re-stockable, email us for details.***

~*~*~*Pretty in plaids*~*~*~

Code: HBPL0001
Colour: Gray
Price: RM10

Left - Right: HBZ0001, HBPL0001
Price: RM10 each

~*~*~*Itsy bitsy polka*~*~*~

Code: HBPK0001n
Colour: Navy, red
Price: RM10

Code: HBPK0001g
Colour: Grayish black, white
Price: RM10

Left-right: HBPK0001n, HBPK0001g
Price: RM10 each

~*~*~*Pretty florals*~*~*~

Code: HBFL0001bl
Colour: Light blue
Price: RM10

Code: HBFL0001p
Colour: Pink
Price: RM10

Left-right: HBFL0001bl, HBFL0001p
Price: RM10 each

As with all our other headbands, these are very limited too. 

The usual drill applies, submit your order form and whoever pays first gets the headbands. We won't be reserving these ya? :)


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