Monday, 12 July 2010

Trendy turbans - Part 2

Since our last post on Trendy Turbans, they were selling like hot cakes. 

Therefore, as promised, we're posting this up as fast as we could so that you can get your hands on them if you've missed the last batch. :)

~*~*~*Keep it simple*~*~*~

Code: TB0001LI
Colour: Lilac
Price: RM10

We like these for the versatility and how we can have 2 different looks.

Code: TB0005pu
Colour: Purple
Price: RM10

Look #1: Wear it showing the gold studs

Look # 2: Keep it plain and simple. Sweet!

Code: TB0005b
Colour: Black
Price: RM10

Note: The material is different from that of TB0005pu. This one here is made of sheer, hosiery type material. Ultra soft and comfy. :)

Look #1

Look # 2


Code: TB0006bl
Colour: Blue
Price: RM10

Code: TB0006m
Colour: Maroon
Price: RM10

Left - right: TB0006bl, TB0006m
Price: RM10 each.

Very very limited pieces babes. Submit your orders now to avoid disappointments. ;)


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