Monday, 8 November 2010

iPhone 4 cover

Yups, we've caught the iPhone bug like crazy and have been busy shopping for phone covers, cases, and even to the extreme of bling-ing our own cases (we're hoping to show you gals some soon).

We're happy to share some of our recent purchases with you at super affordable prices too.

~*~*~*Go retro in style*~*~*~

Code: iP4 cover - Retro pink
Colour: Pink
Price: RM25

Code: iP4 cover - Retro blue
Colour: Blue
Price: RM25

Code: iP4 cover - Retro white
Colour: White
Price: RM25

For those of you who prefer clear, silicone cases. We've got this really chic one with 'honey comb' structures on the back.

~*~*~*Clear honeycomb*~*~*~

Code: iP4 cover - Honeycomb clear
Price: RM25


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iPhone 4 Cover said...

I really love the styles. I wish I can have one. Love those protectors.

iPhone 4 Skins said...

This iPhone cover is really amazing. I'm going to have one for my girl.