Monday, 23 February 2009

Back from the States

Hi SugarPoppers,

Now, after the hype of the new year celebration, where we had endless rounds of champagnes and merry making.... it's time to resume back to business again.

The 3 of us have been MIA for the longest time. Heck, we're still feeling as if the holiday's still on :p

Since one of us is back from the States, we reckon it's about time we share our loots.

Be patient with us ya.



Esther Chin said...

why is my favorite shopping blog on hiatus for so long? :(

Yumimi said...

Girls....It's almost two months T_T Hurry up and post something already ToT

The Power of Three said...

Hi Esther..

So so so sorry to keep you waiting. We have been going through heaps. We're in the midst of clearing some stuff, getting a new job,exams,hols,rough patches..You name it..

Anyway, we are back. Thanks for your support babe!

The Power of Three said...

Angela @ Yumimi...

Sigh..time flies eh? Without realising it's already been 2 months. And most of the stuff we grabbed from the States have already been snatched up before we could even post them online. Funny or what?

Anyway dearie, we've got more stuff to post this time and we've told our customers to wait in anticipation for

So all's fair again!

Happy shopping!