Tuesday, 22 January 2008

A lil something for you..

We're leaving a lil something for you before we go off this weekend for our buying trip.

Yes, we'll be bringing lots of new clothings back next week. So be sure to make space in your wardrobe ya!

Before we go, here's a lil something to keep you satisfied till.... we get back.

CNY shopping starts here!!

Grab something in shades of red or pink. Like this hot fuchsia cleopatra neck dress.

Bejewelled fuchsia cleopatra dress [DR030P] RM59
Material - cotton

Perfect for the hot stuffy CNY weather. Glammy yet practical.

Also available in Black [DR030B] RM59
Free size

In charcoal [DR030C] RM59

Jazz it up with a funky belt [BT006] RM29

Funky belt [BT006] RM29

Fuchsia lacy slip [BL028p] RM29 - SOLD OUT
Material - cotton lycra (super comfy!)

Fuchsia lacy slip [BL028p] RM29 - SOLD OUT
Free size

Our fave colour - electric blue! - SOLD OUT
Electrifying blue lacy slip [BL028L] RM29

And black of cos! - SOLD OUT

Black lacy slip [BL028B] RM29

Another bejewelled item! (yes, it's CNY afterall, you gotta glam up the bling factor!)

Bejewelled white halter [BL029W] RM29
Material - cotton lycra Mmmm...

Bejewelled black halter [BL029B] RM29

We love tubes..and we love all things electric blue..
Therefore, we bought this.. :)

It's a electric blue (and black satin) tube dress [DR029] RM89
What's more? We're throwing in a beautiful floral belt. :)

Necklace [NC002] RM43 (comes with a set of earrings).

Since we'll be away this weekend, we won't be around to answer your emails and sms-es should you wish to enquire about our goodies.

Fret not, we'll be back next Tues. So please be patient ya.

We promise, when we grow, so will your wardrobe! :)

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