Thursday, 13 December 2007

A Swingin' Christmas

Q: What's merrier than jostling with the crowd for Christmas shopping?

A: Getting your Christmas shopping done online.


Take the tube everywhere this Xmas!

The smooth satin fabric jazz up this otherwise simple top into something stunning.
Material : Cotton + Satin.
Awww...There's a cute lil bow tied in the middle.

Purple/black tube [BL0027U] RM39

Black beaded necklace [NC005B]RM39 RM21

Claudine loves how this can be dressed up and down. She's gonna wear this and don on a pair of jeans for those quick 'dress n go' situations where she has no time to decide what to wear.

Also available in Fuchsia/Black [BL0027P] RM39

Lolly pink crystal beaded necklace [NC014]RM39 RM20

As well as White/Black [BL0027W] RM39

This one is Caryn's pick.

Yups, this is Free Size. As you can see, both girls are of different body types and both look fab in it.

Available in 3 colours: White/Black, Purple/Black, Fuchsia/Black.

We got inspired when we saw this picture of Rachael Taylor on Hollywood premiere of Transformers. The young Australian actress will race up the best-dressed lists if she continues to be photographed looking like this. In a deep-blue Fall 2007 Donna Karan column gown, she looked every inch the movie star.

You gotta agree with us when we say that this halter-neck dress is electrifying.
[DR0026L] RM55

Material cotton lycra. Yep, it's stretchable and very comfy.

Another great addition to our LBD [DR0026B] RM55 - SOLD OUT

Saucy red. Perfect for Christmas and CNY :P

Up next, clutches that even SJP will heart. :)

Stay tuned!

Muah XX


vainjupiter said...

hmm, all nice stuff, U r such a genius as a fashion buyer. love the acc. to bits!

have you got any retail outlets in Kl/PJ, so that i can bring my friends around...

Carrie said...

Hi vainjupiter,

Thanks for the compliments. We're happy that you love our goodies.

Nope, we're pretty small timer at the moment. Just operating online and at home. Perhaps you can let us know and we can have a girlie party to view the stuff.

thanks babe!

Lav said...

Hi! is the red dress still available?