Friday, 10 August 2007

A little bit of everything...

We want a lil bit of everything this season...

Well, Carrie is looking for some nice dresses for work which can double up as a chic dress for that after hour drink with friends.

And Claudine is currently stressing over what she should wear to college - something simple which can 'mix and match' with everything and anything easily - be it underneath a cardigan (those aircons in college are killers), or teaming it with jeans or minis for a chic casual look.
You know how college kids are like...they wanna look good, without effort (meaning: it has to be both cost and time saving).

Whereas Caryn doesn't have much to worry about since she can wear almost anything to work. Yups, being a designer sure has its perks! =)

Well, girls being girls, though she can wear anything she wants, she's in a dilemma cos she sometimes has trouble differentiating her work clothes from her non-work clothes.

So, this week, we've thrown in some pieces which we found suit our everyday needs.

For Carrie...

Black and white dress with cute buttons - very pretty and classic.
Need we say more?

She likes the soft silky fabric and how this classy dress is so versatile. It's all about accessorising with the right blings and shoes for a night look.

Black shift dress [DR015B] RM109
Size: Free (fits Small to Medium)
Fits bust 32" - 34"

The same dress in White [DR015W] RM109

For Claudine...

A pretty lace spaghetti in contrasting colour, such as this one.

Chilli Red
(yup, somehow it looks pink here, trust us, it's chilli red) lacy spaghetti top
[BL014R] RM29

Size: Free (fits Small to Medium), with adjustable straps.
Material: Lycra

Lolly pink crystal beaded necklace [NC014] RM39

The lil ribbon makes it oh-so-girly. We love!

Lolly pink crystal beaded necklace [NC014] RM39

A girl and her pearls. Black beads loop necklace [NC005B] RM39
(necklace can be worn as a belt too!)

Grab the brown one as well! Afterall a girl can never have too many camis! ;)

Brown lacy spag [BL014B] RM29

The sophisticate butterfly necklace in Nude [NC007N] RM39

For Caryn...

Something funky!

We found her a 2 piece tee with sequined vest for that extra glam factor.

Vest in Green [TS009G] RM39

Vest in

White [BL009W] RM39

3 tiered beaded necklace [NC006B] RM39

Of white beads and crystal necklace [NC015] RM39

Carrie loves this piece too. She grabbed the Grey one!

[BL009G] RM39

She decided to cut off the puff sleeves for a more de-constructive look :P

Green with Envy glass beaded necklace [NC013] RM39

Green with Envy glass beaded necklace [NC013] RM39


sum said...

Hey im interested in your items. How much do u charge for mailing?

and how can i make payment? thanks!

The Power of Three said...

Hi Sum,

Thanks for your interest and support.

The shipping fee for West Malaysia is RM6 ringgit per piece, for each additional piece just add RM3.

You can wire the money to our maybank acct, which we'll let you know once you've placed your order.

To ensure that all items are in tip top condition before we mail them out, we'll personally check through each piece first. That way, you can be rest assured that your clothings/accessories are sent to you in excellent condition.

Yups, we're doing that cos we want your continued support. When we grow, so will your wardrobe. We promise ;)